Kichoff meeting 

January 13-14, 2011

Undergraduate course. 26 th January 2011. Herramientas para la evaluación del impacto ambiental

Seminar for stakeholders: Carbon footprint. Huella de carbono

Seminari Info day base de dades espanyola d ACV.

Spanish Workshop on Life Cycle Database

Conferència internacional Environmental & Integrated Assessment of Complex Systems Biosystems - Water - Land Management Conference:

30th nov. to 2nd dec. 2011,

a Montpellier, France.


April-June 2011

October 2011.


Projecte finançant amb fons FEDER

Conferència internacional Environmental & Integrated Assessment of Complex Systems Biosystems - Water - Land Management  

30th nov. to 2nd dec. 2011,  a Montpellier, France.

Welcome Landais Etienne, Montpellier. Supagro, General Director. Welcome to Montpellier Supagro!

Genet Roger, Cemagref, General. Director. PEER, AllEnvi …: Networks for partnership in Environmental Research.

Ledain Anne Yvonne, Languedoc..Roussillon Council, Vice President. Welcome from the Languedoc Roussillon Council

Projects presentations

Gabarrell Xavier, UAB Ecotech-Sudoe: an international network in life-cycle analysis and eco-design of innovative environmental technologies presentation

Bellon-Maurel Véronique, Cemagref. The outputs of the Ecotool IRSES project as a contribution to major scientific issues of LCA applied to complex biotechnical systems

Key notes Ayres Robert U., Insead Challenges for integrated assessment

Ecotech Sudoe investigadors de les diferents institucions catalanes: UAB, ICRA, Inèdit, IRTA,UdG.

This meeting is held at the conjunction of research directions of three research networks and consortia endeavouring to develop innovative tools and methodologies for a better monitoring and control of the sustainability of agro-biosystems (including agriculture, forestry, water management, waste management, land management…). The research networks which join their efforts to organize this seminar are:

-          PEER (Partnership for European Environmental Research)

-          Consortium of the European IRSES project “ECOTOOL”

-          Consortium of the Interreg IV project “Ecotech-Sudoe”

These three networks gather 14 organisations devoted to research and teaching on Environmental Sciences and Technologies in Europe and Australia: Alterra (NL), CEH (UK), Cemagref (FR), Ecole des Mines d’Alès (FR), JRC (EU), Montpellier Supagro (FR), NERI (DK), Syke (FI), UAB (SP), Univ. of Aveiro (SP), UFZ (DE), Univ. of Girona, Univ. of Sydney (AU), UNSW (AU).


EcoTech&Tools will be the opportunity to learn and exchange about the latest research related to environmental and integrated assessment of various anthropogenic complex systems such as human-interacting biosystems (agriculture, forestry, etc ), water management systems, land management. Special focus will be made on these three areas as well as on methodological bottlenecks dealing with life cycle analysis applied to complex systems of industrial and territorial ecology: how to simplify methods, how to evaluate emergent technologies, how to deal with uncertainties. Hot research topics such as the status of water, soil and biodiversity in LCA of complex biosystems will be discussed. Finally, the gap will be bridged between environmental and social assessment towards integrated assessment. Special slots in plenary session are dedicated to presentations of posters. Researchers are invited to submit posters on the 5 themes of the conference:

-          LCA and anthropogenic complex systems

-          Methodology bottlenecks in LCA applied to complex systems

-          Industrial and territorial ecology

-          Social and integrated assessment

-          Specific issues linked to bio-anthropo- systems: water – biodiversity – land.

Posters of case studies of environmental assessment, eco-design or integrated assessment of systems related to agriculture, forestry, water, land and urban management are also welcome

We are hoping to be able to set up some state-of-the-art forms of communication, through which scientists, experts and industrialists from all over the world will be able meet and exchange ideas

We hope that you will appreciate the scientific program of the conference and attractions of Montpellier.

For the organising committee
Pr Véronique Bellon-Maurel (Montpellier Supagro), P. Roux (Cemagref)

Wed. 30 Nov. 11h30-13h30

1 - Methodology bottlenecks in LCA.  Moderator:Xavier Gabarrell


Anton Assumpció, IRTA Simplified methodologies for agriculture

Martínez Carles, Inedit Ecotech-Sudoe LCA databasis

Thu. 1 Dec. 11h30-13h30

4.1 – Convergence between social and environmental assessment. Moderator: Pekka Leskinen


Munda Giuseppe, UAB Social Multicriteria analysis of Emerging Technology

Thu. 1 Dec. 9-11h

3 – Industrial and territorial ecology. Moderator: Robert Ayres


Oliver i Sola Jordi , UAB The GWP-Chart: An environmental tool for guiding urban planning processes. Application to concrete sidewalks

Fernandez Joan Manuel, UAB Potential impacts of Electromobility on the built environment of cities: the needs of urban planning for its sustainable deployment

Thu. 1 Dec. 15-17h

5 – Specific impacts: Water – Soil – Biodiversity. Moderator: David Howard

Morais Sergio, UAB Ranking the Impact on Freshwater Ecosystems of Pharmaceuticals Detected in Biosolids Applied to Agricultural Soils

Marta Torrellas, IRTA, guardonada amb el premi al millor poster del congrés.